President Prize awarded to 21 competition winners
Posted on May 15, 2009
The 2008 President Prize awards ceremony was held today at 12 PM, at the residence of Serzh Sargsyan, President of the Republic of Armenia. Mr. Sargsyan delivered the keynote address and handed out awards to this year’s 21 competition winners, presented by Ara Vardanyan,acting executive director of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund. Also addressing the winners and the audience was benefactor Jean Boghossian, representing the Boghossian Foundation, longtime supporter of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund.

The awards ceremony was attended by a distinguished roster of guests including Armenian government officials, members of the Board of Trustees, diaspora-based benefactors of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund, representatives of the Fund affiliates, members of the prize selection committees, intellectuals.

The President Prize was established in 2000 by the Boghossian Foundation, seeking to promote excellence in the Armenian arts and sciences. Administered by the Hayastan All Armenian Fund, the juried annual prize rewards exceptional accomplishments in a broad spectrum of fields. The President Prize also includes the Youth Prize, which awards young talent in several fields of creative endeavor.

Since 2001, the first year that the prize was awarded, there have been 140 winners, nine of which have received the prize for valuable contributions to the worldwide recognition of the 1915 Genocide of the Armenians. This year there were 188
nominees in the categories of Physics, Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences and Information Technologies, Literature, Art, Vocal Art, Instrumental Performance, Fine Arts & Film, and Valuable Contribution to the Recognition of the Genocide of the Armenians.

This year, there were no winners in the categories of Medical Sciences, Humanities, and Activities & Projects Promoting the Development and Spreading of Humanistic Values.

According to Aida Khachikyan, adviser to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s acting executive director, the number of this year’s President Prize candidates has surpassed all expectations. “This is a tremendously heartening development because it
means that there’s growing public interest in the President Prize,” she said.