Hayastan All Armenian Fund completes lighting project in Syunik region, and carries out construction of Nrnadzor village water main
Posted on January 23, 2009
Hayastan All Armenian Fund is pleased to announce the completion of the lighting systems project in Shvanizor, Alvank and Nrnadzor communities of Syunik region. The project with the total cost of 7 million AMD was implemented through the sponsorship of the Teheran Diocese.

The vital issue of outer lighting at the villages was solved thanks to 20 newly installed lighting columns; from now on the picture of lost villagers drifting among the dark roads has become a memory.

With the financial support of the same benefactors, construction of a new water main was initiated at Nrnadzor village in October 2008.

The 2-phase drinking water supply project’s first phase is completed. The newly built water intake station ensures uninterrupted operation of the 1200 m long new pipeline. The second phase of the project anticipates constructing of a water supply inner network, two reservoirs (with the 50 cubic meter capacity each) and a pump station, which will let the fertile waters supplied to each and every household of the village

“Meghri is considered the southern gate of Armenia, and is of strategic importance for our country. In that sense, the Fund’s decision to implement the project in this particular area was not a random, but rather a political assessment”, says the Fund’s Acting Executive Director Ara Vardanyan.

Agriculture is the main occupation of the local people. To bring this crucial field to decent level of development in the region, the Fund assumes to undertake here further projects, which will serve the needs of Shvanizor, Alvank and Nrnadzor communities by providing them with agricultural machinery.