Hayastan All Armenian Fund completes construction of Apaven village water main, Lori marz
Posted on January 20, 2009
Hayastan All Armenian Fund is pleased to announce the completion of the new water main in Apaven village. The project, worth around 32 million Armenian drams, was sponsored by the Fund's Montreal local committee.

Through the 620 m long pipeline and 1200m long inner network good quality drinking water is already supplied to around 30 households of the community.

The village of Apaven located 1650 m above sea level had been experiencing water supply problems for many years now. Water running from the old and excessively damaged pipeline was no longer fit for drinking and was a serious problem for the residents.

“Before launching a new project, we first tackle the most important problem existing in the community; that is a principle approach we have adopted,“ the Fund Acting Executive Director Ara Vardanyan says.