Hayastan Fund is with Artsakh
Posted on April 03, 2016
Today, more than ever, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund stands with Artsakh and its people. It’s how it has been since the creation of the Fund. It’s how it will always be. And for as long as the Armenian is resolved to build his Home and live a peaceful and creative life, the treacherous attempts of the enemy are doomed to failure. With Artsakh’s scars barely healed, the adversary is once again forcing us to take the path of struggle and blood, forgetting that the Armenian has always traversed that path with honor, sadly though, not without pain and suffering.

As it flourishes and grows more beautiful by the day, Artsakh could not but have stirred the envy and resentment of the foe, which, yet again, seeks to grab everything that has been built across our land through our united efforts and hard work.
May courage and success be the faithful companions of our freedom fighters and all those who support them with their deeds and prayers!