A New Name on The Hayastan All Armenian Fund Golden Book
Posted on May 21, 2007
A New Name on The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Golden Book

The one who adds a brick to building the motherland...

Istanbul Armenian Benefactor Tigran Ter Voghormyachyan
has joined the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund

How did you learn about the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund?
Still during the years of the Karabakh war, in 1991 there was a similar initiative. Back then, within 3 years I donated 95 thousand Belgian franks through my sister in Belgium. This was a big sum for me. Then, every year, media reports would reach us about the telethon. I also learned about the benevolence of Istanbul Armenian benefactor Hagop Giritlian which he did through the Hayastan All-Armenian fund.

How did you decide to contribute to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund?
Last year regarding a donation to the Yerevan State University, I was told that I had done much for the university. Then, I decided to go ahead and continue doing what I wanted to do. There was a chance to help Matenadaran, the Armenian Manuscript Depository. But a friend of mine from Armenia, told me about the needs of the Armenian National Library, and I decided to use my modest resources to help the Armenian National Library. And the best and most reassuring way to help Armenia from abroad is through the Hayastan All- Armenian Fund, as this is what the Fund specializes in. I also beleive that as far as transparency and supervision are concerned, the Fund offers the best of the guarantees.

Why did you choose to furnish a school?
When I was still thinking about donating equipment to the National Library, an article published in a paper talked about how the heating system of the Yerevan Hagop Baronian Theater needed to be restored-the theater had no heating. As an Istanbul Armenian I considered it an honor to help renovate a theater named after Hagop Baronian. I immediately got in touch with the Fund through their website www.himnadram.org. It turned out the project would cost more than my humble finances would allow me to donate. Noting my readiness to contribute, Ara Vardanyan, Deputy Executive Director of the Fund suggested funding a smaller but still as worthwhile a project; we started with furnishing two classrooms.

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I’ve studied and lived in Turkey, Belgium and France. I worked overseas, in the Middle East and returned to Turkey. Now, God willing, owing to the languages I have learned, I plan to do some good in Armenia.
There are many benefactors in the Diaspora but every Armenian structure built abroad sooner or later will serve others and not the Armenian nation. The examples are many and are known to all. To build outside Armenia means to waste our resources. We must built in Armenia.

What is benevolence to you?
It has become the goal of my life. Also, I do it for the souls of my parents and at the same there is some good in it for Armenia.

Who is the true Armenian patriot?
The true Armenian patriot is the one who adds a brick to building the motherland, the one who shows his/ her love for the nation and the motherland more in deed than in words.