Location November 20, 2014
Location Armenia
In the nomination of “Persons having made a valuable contribution to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide”
1.23 women survivors of the Armenian Genocide living in Armenia
2.The American Committee for Relief in the Near East (currently The Near East Foundation)for its witness of and invaluable help to thousands of refugees and orphans who survived the Armenian Genocide and for saving their lives during and after World War I by means of funds donated by the American people.

In Development of Natural Sciences
No prize

In Technical Sciences & Information Technologies
Hakob MARGARYAN,Nune HAKOBYAN,Davit HOVHANNISYAN,Tigran SARGSYAN,Valeri ABRAHAMYAN For the work Spectropolarimeter Based On New Generation Optical Element.

In Arts
1.Ruben GASPARYAN for the film Andin. Armenian Journey Chronicles
2.Yervand GHAZANCHYAN,Lala PULUZYAN,Avetik KHALATYAN,Arsen GEVORGYAN,Vahagn MARGARYAN for the musical Karine by Tigran Chukhadjian

In Medical Sciences
1.Hovhannes SARKAVAGYAN,Tigran KHACHATRYAN,Armen KHANOYAN for the work Deployment of Reconstructive Surgical Treatment of Postintubation Tracheal Stenosis in Republic of Armenia.
2.Ara BABLOYAN,Ashot SARGSYAN,Sahak ARAKELYAN,Khachatur KYURKCHYAN,Helen NAZARYAN for the work Full Physical and Social Rehabilitation of Patients with End Stage Renal Disease: The First Armenian Transplant Games

In Physics
Khachatur NERKARARYAN,Arsen BABADJANYAN for the series of scientific articles The Specification of the Excitation and Propagation of Surface Plasmon Polaritons in Nanostructures

In Literature
Zaven BOYADJYAN for the Translation of Umberto Eco’s novel The Name of the Rose from Italian into Armenian, as well as for the great merit in the field of translation

In Development of Humanities
No prize

President of the Republic Youth Prizes

In Arts
1.Manvel GHALACHYAN for the series of etchings Everyday Life Of the Yerevan State Fine Arts Academy
2.Arevik AROYAN for the painting The Students Of the Gevorgian Seminary
3.Aren MALAKYAN for the documentary The Girl On the Moon

In Literature
No prize

In Vocal Art of Classical Music
1.Mariam MKRTCHYAN for high performance art
2.Andranik MALKHASYAN for high performance art

In Instrumental Performance of Classical Music
1.Sergey ABRAHAMYAN(clarinet)for the best performance
2.Shogher HOVHANNISYAN piano)for the best performance
3.Artavazd HAMBARYAN(piano)for the best performance