Phonethon 2016
Location November 16, 2016
Location France
The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s 17th annual Pan-European Phoneathon, held during November 16-20, has raised over 1.3 million euros in donations and pledges as of today.
The Phoneathon outcome will be sum up in coming days.

Proceeds from the large-scale fundraising campaign will be used to rebuild Artsakh communities that have sustained heavy damage as a result of the four-day war this year, to provide assistance to the Syrian-Armenian and Iraqi-Armenian communities, and to support the continued growth of agricultural-development projects in Armenia’s Tavush Region. In the course of the Phoneathon, more than 600 volunteers stationed in Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, and Lyon called Armenian households, businesses, and organizations in France, Germany and Switzerland to request their support. Valérie Toranian, editor-in-chief of French «Revue des Deux Mondes» magazine and Nikos Alyagas, journalist and entertainer, served as the godmother and godfather of the Phoneathon, respectively, making appeals for support throughout the five days of the event. The Hayastan Fund’s affiliate in Greece and Holland had their own phoneathons.

Traditionally, the Argentinean and Brazilian affiliates of the Fund also conduct phoneathons.