Location November 15, 2012
Location Armenia
President of the Republic of Armenia Prizes for 2012

In the nomination of “Persons having made a valuable contribution to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide”
1. ZORYAN INSTITUTE for research, publishing, and training of a new generation of scholars in the field of Armenian Genocide studies.
2. Tessa HOFMANN (GERMANY) for research into and public activities about the Armenian Genocide.

In Development of Natural Sciences
Vanya BARSEGHYAN for the series of scientific articles “Investigation of control, observation and conflict situations of the dynamic systems”

In Technical Sciences & Information Technologies
Oleg GASPARYAN for the series of monographs “Theory of multi-dimensional automatic control systems”

In Arts
1. Hakob HAKOBYAN (posthumously) for the series of paintings “Garden of Love”
2. Henrikh ELIBEKYAN for the series of portraits “The Lifelong Dialogue”

In Medical Sciences
Ruben FANARJYAN, Artur GRIGORYAN, Tigran KHACHATRYAN for the work “Foundation and development of the intravascular neurosurgery in the Republic of Armenia”

In Physics
Ashot CHILINGARYAN, Nikolay BOSTANJYAN, Gagik HOVSEPYAN, Bagrat MAILYAN, Levon VANYAN for the series of scientific articles “High Energy Phenomena in the Thunderstorm Atmosphere”

In Literature
Henrik EDOYAN for the collection of poems “Stop, I am here”

In Development of Humanities
No Prize

President of the Republic Youth Prizes

In Arts
1. Gevorg GRIGORYAN for the series of paintings “Untitled”
2. Satenik SHATIRYAN for the theatrical performance “Two for the seesaw” by William Gibson

In Literature
No Prize

In Vocal Art of Classical Music
Mane GALOYAN, Hovhannes NERSESYAN, Arsen STEPANYAN for high performance art

In Instrumental Performance of Classical Music
Levon KARAPETYAN (Piano), Mikayel NAVASARDYAN (Cello) for the best performance