Location November 25, 2014
Location Armenia
Hayastan All-Armenian Fund worldwide Telethon 2014 raised $ 12 399 550 in pledges and donations. The fundraising was directed to the special projects adopted by the benefactors and the final phase of the 116 km long Vardenis-Martakert Highway construction, a road serving as an additional lifeline between Armenia and Artsakh.

Toward the realization of the project, the worldwide affiliates of the fund had been carrying out a multitude of public-awareness and fundraising campaigns since the beginning of 2014. In Armenia, from November 1, the fund launched SMS- and postal-donation programs, encouraging grassroots support of the initiative.

The Telethon 2014 was televised live from Los Angeles on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, from 8 AM to 8 PM PST. The event was simulcast across the globe through cable, satellite, and the Internet (, The Telethon was also carried live on the TV networks H1, Armenia, Shant, and Yerkir Media.

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