Start Start date: June 01, 2016
End End date: September 01, 2016
Status Status: Ongoing


Khachardzan community is located in Tavush region and includes Khachardzan and Geghatap villages. The population is around 480 people, who are mostly engaged in cattle breeding. The village is located on the right bank of Getik river. Most of the residents are Armenian refugees from Azerbaijan. The name of the community is derived from the cross stones preserved here. Historical monuments of the village include the chapel of Khachi Tap as well as a tomb field from 2nd -1st millennium B.C..

In 2013, within Hayastan All Armenian Fund rural development initiative, a new facility was constructed in Khachardzan village to tackle the issue of the health care point. The facility also included an events hall. The second project realized in 2015 is the full reconstruction of the village school. Besides Hayastan All Armenian Fund will soon finish the full reconstruction of the water supply network, as well as the construction of the sport-complex in Khachardzan village. The land designated for the construction of sport-complex is located at the end of the open-air playground in the vicinity of the village school.


Hayastan All Armenian Fund took the responsibility for improvement of the surrounding area of municipality and installation of a khachqar. It is planned to demolish the existing wooden structure. The area under improvement will be fenced. A separate paved area will be allocated for parking. The most part of the area will be landscaped. Benches and trash cans will be paved.