Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Great Britain
Start Start date: October 01, 2016
End End date: May 01, 2018
Status Status: Ongoing
Number of beneficiaries Number of beneficiaries: 2000

The village was founded in the 4th century during the reign of Arshakuni dynasty. The tomb of King Arshak and a basilica chapel is located in Aghdzk. The population of the village is 2000. The main occupation is agriculture – especially viniculture and cattle breeding. There is a renovated two-story school in Aghdzk village with 220 students attending. The health care point, which is also renovated, is situated next to the school building. The potable water of the village comes from springs. The asphalted roads of the village are in good condition. The village kindergarten wasn’t functioning because it was in a fully dilapidated condition. There are around 100 children of pre-school age in the village. The kindergarten building was built in the 70s.


In October, Hayastan All-Armenian Fund with the sponsorship of its affiliate in Great Britain began the construction of a new kindergarten for the children of Aghdzk village. Now, the kindergarten is a two-story building featuring a full array of modern amenities. In addition to the bright, spacious classrooms and bedrooms, the facility has a gym, a game hall, a computer lab and a playground. The kindergarten accommodates up to 90 children.