Sponsored by: Armenia Fund USA, Government of Armenia
Start Start date: March 01, 2014
End End date: June 01, 2014
Status Status: Ongoing


Arzni village is situated in Kotayk region of Armenia and was founded in 1829. It is around 18 kilometers away from the capital Yerevan. Previously, the village was known as Artsni, and also Sarjala. The village occupies around 1884,6 territory and has 2450 inhabitant (Armenians, Assyrians and Yezidis). The main occupations in Arzni are cattle breeding and land cultivation. There is a 6th century church in the village.


Arzni community has a secondary school, but does not have a cultural and sports centers. The village is known as resort area, and there are five rest houses. Arzni hydroelectric power station is located near the village.


Within “Zatikavan” orphanage alumni support project, Hayastan All Armenian Fund upgraded a barn in Arzni village, Kotayk region. The original structure was constructed in 2010. The barn is a rectangular building with 12.65x36.5 meter dimensions. The building has auxiliary rooms, sanitary unit and a barn area designed for 110-120 cattle. The designated beneficiaries of the project are the former dependents of Zatik orphanage as well as socially challenged families who will be able to work in the barn, raise cattle and improve their livelihoods.