Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Argentina
Start Start date: May 01, 2013
End End date: October 01, 2014
Status Status: Ongoing


According to historical records, the village of Kirants, referred to as "Kunen", has existed since 4th century. Kirants community is situated in Tavush region, North-East of Armenia. The village is located 168 km from Yerevan and 28 km from the regional center Ijevan. Only 500 meters separate Kirants from the state border with Azerbaijan. The community consists of 102 households, 350 people. The main occupations in Kirants are cattle breeding, agriculture and viticulture.

Within agricultural programs of Hayastan All Armenian Fund mini farm has been built and purebred heifers have been provided to the locally created Farmers’ Cooperative. Also various kinds of seeds and seedlings have been donated to the villagers.


Kirants village occupies 590 hectares. The village has a community center, a healthcare point and a school, which has 120 students. But the potable water supply system in Kirants is in need of renovation.


Within the frames of agricultural projects Hayastan All Armenian Fund reconstructed the existing irrigation canal of the community of Kirants. Water collection station and distribution wells were installed. The length of the canal is 6 km and it passes through Ajarkut village. Reconstruction of the irrigation canal does not ensure proper water supply only to Kirants village but it also contribute to the betterment of the irrigation in Ajarkut community. Moreover, now Kirants villagers are able to irrigate more than 120 hectares of land, which is planned to be for viticulture.

Donors: Hayastan All Armenian Fund–Argentina, Kirkor Simsiroglu (Argentina)