Start Start date: April 01, 2013
End End date: November 01, 2013
Status Status: Ongoing


Khachardzan community is situated in Tavush region. The population of Tavush region is 134,376. Khachardzan community encompasses Khachardzan and Geghatap villages. The total population of the community is around 480.


Khachardzan community health care center was built in 1960s and served to the villages of Khachardzan, Geghatap, Gosh and Aghavnavank. It was one storey building located near the village. The building had undergone slight renovation since construction. However the facility was in dilapidated condition and renovation of the existing building was pointless due to the high level of decrepitude. There was absolute lack in potable water supply as well as sewerage systems. Moreover there was no power supply system in the facility. Heating and air conditioning systems were also missing. The facility surrounding concrete was dilapidated.


Within Hayastan All Armenian Fund initiative a new facility was constructed in the village to tackle the issue of the health care point and an events hall. The facility is a one-storey building. It has a solid carcass tiled with felsite stones. The basement of the building is tiled with basalt stones. The covering is done with monolithic reinforced concrete. The sidewalks are covered with basalt stones. The external and internal doors and windows are of dark-colored metal-plastic.

There are two medical rooms, a cabinet, a foyer, a hall, a canteen, sanitary units and utility rooms. The flooring of the hall, canteen, medical rooms, foyer, corridor and cabinet is done with press granite tiles, the sanitary units and utility rooms are covered with ceramic tiles. The external walls are tiled with basalt. The lining of internal parts of external walls are done with blocks.

Donor: Kalciyan family (Argentina)