Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Greece
Start Start date: February 01, 2012
End End date: April 01, 2012
Status Status: Ongoing


Vanadzor #30 Kindergarten is one of the 22 kindergartens of the town. The kindergarten was built in 1989, right after the earthquake. 130 children attend the kindergarten; the number of the staff is 18. The kindergarten building is in satisfactory condition except for the roof, which needs to be reconstructed.


The other priority issues of Vanadzor #30 kindergarten were the old, broken down furniture, the lack of an adequate playground and the dilapidated condition of the heating network.


Within the first phase of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund adopted project the kindergarten was provided with new furniture and a playground was established. The kindergarten was provided with beds, mattresses, small chairs, small tables, semi soft chairs, teacher tables, toys and toy wardrobes. The playground is equipped with a pavilion and different kinds of swings.

Within the second phase of the support project, the heating network has been fully rehabilitated. The old heating system of the N30 kindergarten consisted of metal pipes and metal heaters, which were corroded beyond use.
The project saw the replacement of the old network with aluminum batteries and polypropylene pipes. An area of 1048 square meters is now heated, effectively solving the heating issue for the kindergarten at the same time minimizing the monthly expenses of the administration and creating an opportunity of diverting the extra resources at tackling the other issues of the child care center.