Europe’s Armenians raise 1.23 million euros in run-up to Armenia Fund Telethon
Posted on November 20, 2017
The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s 18th annual Pan-European Phoneathon was held during November 16-20, with the participation of the organization’s affiliates in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Greece. In the course of the four-day event, hundreds of volunteers called families, businesses, and organizations throughout those countries to familiarize them with “Fruitful Artsakh,” the flagship project of the 2017 Armenia Fund Telethon, and to request their support.

More than 9,900 European-Armenian families, businesses, and organizations responded to the appeal with donations, raising a total of 1.23 million euros.

Every year, the Fund’s affiliates worldwide organize similar events in the run-up to the Armenia Fund Thanksgiving Day Telethon. The total amount raised, including proceeds from the Telethon itself, are announced at the conclusion of the Telethon.

With the theme “Fruitful Artsakh,” this year’s Telethon will raise support for two major agricultural-development projects in Artsakh: the drilling of deep-water wells and construction of irrigation networks; and the installation of solar power stations.