Start Start date: July 01, 2017
End End date: August 20, 2017
Status Status: Ongoing


Since 2014, Eco Tavush factory produces more than 10 types of cheese, butter, curd and other dairy products. The administrative costs of the factory are quite high, taking into account the large volume of electricity used. Thanks to the new initiative, it is now possible to reduce these costs by 90%. This will be achieved with solar panels and water heaters installed in the factory. The factory is the central element in fostering agricultural growth in Tavush region. It not only supplies the Armenian market with high quality products, but also helps the development of seven border villages, by creating jobs both in the Lusadzor facility and beneficiary community based mini-farms.

Another beneficiary of the solar energy project is the village of Khashtarak. Most of the 570 households of the village do have access to the gas network. However, the price of natural gas is prohibitive for many of the families and some even resort to operating archaic woodstoves. The installation of the solar water heaters is currently underway in the village in association with Arpi Solar Company. The project will benefit 50 families, who will no longer have to cut down trees to have hot water. The project will be implemented thanks to crowdfunding organized by the French affiliate, which raised more than 70,000 euros.

Khashtarak is sometimes called the Hollywood of Armenia. The classic films of the Armenian cinema “We are our mountains” and “The men” were shot on locations in and around the village. The Fund has been actively supporting the village for the last 10 years realizing a number of essential projects such as the reconstruction of the school, the health clinic and the construction of the irrigation canal.