Start Start date: March 03, 1992
End End date: March 03, 2018
Status Status: Ongoing
Number of beneficiaries Number of beneficiaries: 500000

On map, please see Hayastan All-Armenian Fund projects in Armenia and Artsakh.


About us
• Over 25 years of experience, quality and trust;
• 1100 major projects (total of over 50.000 projects) in Armenia and Artsakh;
• $330.000.000 worth of projects;
• 500.000 beneficiaries in Armenia and Artsakh;
• 700.000 benefactors across the globe;
• A Board of Trustees comprising representatives of political, spiritual, Armenian traditional charity organizations, and many prominent individuals and benefactors from Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora;
• Affiliates in 21 countries;
• Up-to-date and available donation mechanisms;
• Tax exemption/deduction for donations (where available);
• Cooperation with governments of foreign countries (France, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, India, Lebanon, China);
• Cooperation with public sector and private organizations;

• The lowest overhead in the sphere;
• Project evaluation and needs assessment;
• Open construction biddings;
• Co-financing mechanisms;
• A-Z implementation of projects;
• Guarantee and post-guarantee servicing and monitoring;
• Wide range of projects;
• International financial and physical audit of the projects;
• Comprehensive control and monitoring of the projects;
• Financial and projects’ progress reports;
• Public awareness and mass media coverage;
• Encouragement of project proposals by benefactors;
• Encouragement of innovative ideas.