Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Netherlands,
Start Start date: September 01, 2010
End End date: May 01, 2011
Status Status: Ongoing


The Medical Center of Charentsavan town serves the needs of both the town residents and to the members of the adjacent communities. There are 72 people working at the Medical Center, out of which 18 doctors and 54 nurses.
The Medical Center combines the facilities of the town hospital and the polyclinic. The three storied main block of the hospital was built in 1967. The majority of the hospital facilities are located in this building. The total area of the block is 2800 m² with total of 165 rooms out of which 44 are patients’ rooms.

The block was in need of repair and upgrade. The medical equipment as well as the hospital furniture were outdated.
Based on the existing priority issues of the hospital, renovation of the maternity ward, located on the third floor of the main block, were included in this project. The ward occupies 540 m² of the total area of the third floor (which is about 840 m²). The roof was covered with flat metal sheets and was in a very poor condition. The windows of the ward were partially broken which resulted in waste of heat during winter. The floors and the walls of the labor ward were covered with marble tiles. The floors of the maternity ward were made of processed wood sawdust and covered with linoleum. The restrooms and the heating system needed to be repaired and renovated.

In order to fulfill the minimum requirements and standards for a maternity ward, the following works were carried out in this section of the hospital within Hayastan All Armenian Fund initiated project:
-Full repair of the roof
-Renovation of the floors and the floor covers
-Replacement of the old and damaged doors and windows with new ones
-Installation of a new electrical system
-Construction of new lavatories
-Renovation of engineering systems
-Construction of a heating system