Sponsored by: Government of Armenia, Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Great Britain
Start Start date: May 01, 2010
End End date: February 01, 2012
Status Status: Ongoing


The two-storey facility of the paediatric department of Kapan town medical center was built in the 1960s. The facility underwent reconstruction in 1980. Superficial renovation works were also carried out in 2005. The department personnel consist of 15 doctors and support staff. The unit provides medical aid to an average of 400-450 children annually.

Until recently the paediatric department of Kapan town medical center was in dilapidated condition as the previously carried out renovation effort had not effectively addressed the core issues of the facility. The department lacked a heating system. The water and sewerage networks as well as the electric systems were basically defunct. The facility doors, windows and inter-storey wooden constructions were also in an unsatisfactory state. In addition to these issues, the roof of the facility was in need of repair and the walls of the first floor were subject to humidity and were basically crumbling.

Hayastan All Armenian Fund launched initiative saw the comprehensive reconstruction of the paediatric department facility of Kapan town medical center. In the frames of the project, a new heating, water, sewerage and electric systems have been installed. The old doors and windows have been replaced. The inter-storey wooden constructions have been replaced by concrete covers. The facility has undergone restructuring to accommodate the needs and meet the adequate standards for similar facilities. The building has undergone full hydro isolation. The planned works have also included refurbishing of the exterior roofs and full renovation of the facility roof.
After the reconstruction, it is expected that the number of the personnel will increase from 15 to up to 25 doctors and support staff; the department will be able to serve up to 600-650 patients annually.