One more Gyumri family leaves slum life behind
Posted on June 21, 2018

The Yeghoyan couple started their family in a damp, ramshackle hut known as a domik. They lived in the dreadful conditions of the hovel for 26 years. It’s where their children, Tigran and Karine, were born and raised.

Mrs. Julieta was an athlete once. But after the 1988 earthquake, she had to forget about a career as a handball player. Her dream of becoming a radiologist also lay in ruins. Instead, she has had to deal with a succession of financial and health issues.

Working in construction, Mr. Ashot has never stopped trying to save the family from the daily hell of their domik. But because employment has not been steady, he has barely been eking out a living.

Tigran and Karine’s youth began in their domik — which is located in the Bulvarayin area, one of Gyumri’s most depressing post-earthquake neighborhoods. Now the grown children do their utmost to ease the family’s financial burden. Karine is a judoist, but works as a salesperson in a grocery store. Tigran is a veteran of the April War of 2016. Following his military service, he has been studying programming. His goal is to become an accomplished tech specialist.

Today, a new chapter has begun for the Yeghoyans, in a beautiful home they had been dreaming of all these years. Thanks to Armenia Fund’s Gyumri Housing Project, the family has moved into a fully renovated and furnished apartment, one that features a complement of amenities, including appliances.

The Yeghoyans are the 36th Gyumri family to receive housing assistance from Armenia Fund and at last able to get out of their domik — which already has been demolished, taking with it the suffering of the past 26 years.