Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Germany, Armenia Fund, Inc
Start Start date: March 03, 2015
End End date: December 31, 2018
Status Status: Ongoing
Number of beneficiaries Number of beneficiaries: 100

Many families lost homes due to the Spitak devastating earthquake of 1988. However, the issue is still crucial, especially in Gyumri where hundreds of families live in temporary huts known as domiks.


The donated apartments are fully furnished and feature a complement of modern amenities, including home appliances and heating system. As of August 2018, the Hayastan Fund has provided homes to 40 homeless families, 39 from Gyumri and one in Vanadzor. The project started in 2015-2016, when the Armenia Fund, Inc. organized its first Special Telethon in Los Angeles to assist Gyumri homeless and socially vulnerable families. Later, the humanitarian project was joined by the Fund’s German affiliate and a number of individual donors from different countries.