Yerevan’s Boghossian Gardens: a fabulous world in the heart of the city
Ever since 2008, the Boghossian Gardens, also known as Lovers’ Park, has been one of Yerevan’s most popular destinations. This is where writers and artists go to draw inspiration, families gather to rest, and, of course, lovers meet for their rendezvous. As a sprawling green space, designed by famed architect Alexander Tamanian, the park was meant to function as the “lungs” of the capital. It fell into disrepair during the first decade of Armenia’s independence. But in 2006, benefactor Albert Boghossian resolved to restore the landmark. Subsequently, with a new landscape design by architect Pierre Rambach, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund implemented a complete renovation of the park, once again transforming it into Yerevan’s most beautiful green zone. The Boghossian Foundation has been carrying out projects in Armenia since 1994. Through the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund alone, it has sponsored projects worth a total of more than $2 million. In recent years, the landscape of the Boghossian Gardens has been complemented by a number of sculptures by world-renowned artists. Placed among the park’s meadows, man-made waterfalls, brooks, and majestic trees, the artworks include the statue of writer Gevorg Emin, by sculptor Ashot Aramyan; the triptych “Three Elephants” by Lebanese sculptor Nadim Karam; and the installation “Obsidian Heart” by Jean-Michel Othonie. Boghossian Gardens is also the first public park in Yerevan to have a set of rules and regulations for visitors. On their part, visitors always fully adhere to them, with the shared goal of preserving and protecting the park’s delicate ecosystems. Thus the lawns are never trampled upon, and there are trash bins throughout, for regular trash and recyclable items alike.