Start Start date: March 03, 2015
End End date: March 03, 2018
Status Status: Ongoing
Number of beneficiaries Number of beneficiaries: 50


Hayastan All Armenian Fund continues its reach-out to freedom fighters. Within the initiative launched by US Western Region Armenian community, the beneficiary freedom fighters donates specially adjusted vehicles along with all the extra accessories including wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, mattresses, pillows and other essentials. In 2017, the Fund donated vehicles to freedom fighters Erik Sargsyan and Shushik Chatyan from Armenia. Supplies were also donated.

The donated vehicles were specially adjusted for people with various disabilities. In the US, the coordination of the project is done by freedom fighter Hrant Tumasyan, who is well aware of the challenges and issues facing his comrades in arms and is doing his utmost to alleviate their condition.

Since 2015, the Fund has donated 11 vehicles to freedom fighters in Armenia and Artsakh: Norayr Galstyan, Armen Bayramyan, Robert Petrosyan, Hovhannes Avanesyan, Eghishe Arushanyan, Hovhannes Shekoyan, Sargis Stepanyan, Mikayel Bayatyan, Robert Lazaretyan and Arshavir Bozinyan.