Bako Sahakyan participates in Telethon 2018 Annual Gala dinner in Los Angeles
Posted on November 21, 2018

Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Telethon 2018 annual gala took place in Los Angeles. Bako Sahakyan, President of Artsakh Republic was among the honorable guests of the event.

In his speech, the President stressed the importance of the Fund’s projects in Artsakh describing them as large-scale ones. Sahakyan expressed gratitude to all those who are constantly supporting the implementation of significant strategic projects in Artsakh.
"The US Armenians community notably its Californian part, is one of the most well-organized communities of our Diaspora, and every time we come here we gain a unique impetus seeing our compatriots firm in their patriotism, caring about the Motherland, being part and parcel of it by soul and heart. You carry out the challenging mission of remaining Armenian, maintaining the Armenian national identity with honor", stressed Bako Sahakyan in his remarks.

Touching upon the targeted activities within the framework of the Telethon 2018, the President noted that their implementation would play an essential role in safeguarding the energy and food security of the republic.
The Head of the State expressed confidence that all the projects would be successfully realized with joint efforts, as always.

Proceeds from the Telethon 2018 will benefit two vital projects in Artsakh started through contributions of the previous year’s Fruitful Artsakh Telethon. The first initiative of the Telethon is the drilling of deep-water wells and the construction of drip-irrigation networks, which will make it possible to irrigate additional 200 hectares of lands in Artsakh’s Martuni and Askeran regions. To date, 13 deep-water wells have been drilled; currently construction of pump stations is underway.

The second direction of the telethon is the installation of solar-power systems in Artsakh. The pilot project launched in Shushi Region’s Karin Tak community has already benefited 50 families. In 2019, communities of Askeran Region will also be able to use solar energy for their homes.

The funds raised during the Telethon 2018 will be also used for development of infrastructures in Armenia’s communities, thus helping create new jobs.