Let’s create together! Hayastan Fund kicks off its 21st Annual Telethon today
Posted on November 22, 2018

The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s 21st annual Telethon launches today in Los Angeles. The international fundraising telethon to be held under the slogan Create together, will be televised from 10:00 pm -10:00 am Yerevan time. Airing live from Los Angeles, the Telethon will be broadcast on major local television networks.

Telethon 2018 was preceded by fundraising events including traditional phoneathons in Latin and Northern America and Europe organized by the Fund’s affiliates.

  • The Brazilian affiliate raised $30,000;
  • The annual banquet of the Hayastan Foundation Toronto raised 1,300,000 Canadian ($1 Million USD);
  • The Pan-European Phoneathon held during November 14-18, raised 1,242,460 euros.

The contributions made during the above mentioned fundraising events will be reflected in the final results of the year’s pan-Armenian major fundraiser.

Proceeds from the Hayastan Fund’s 21st annual telethon will go towards implementation of two vital projects in Artsakh, launched through contributions of the Fruitful Artsakh Telethon 2017.

The first major project, which will help boost agriculture in Artsakh is the drilling of deep-water wells and construction of drip-irrigation networks. Thanks to the project, around 200 hectares of land, including orchards, vineyards and wheat fields, will become arable in Artsakh’s Martuni and Askeran regions. Thirteen deep-water wells have been already drilled for this purpose. Currently construction of pump stations is underway.

The second direction of the Telethon is the installation of solar-power systems in Artsakh. The pilot project launched in Shushi Region’s Karin Tak community has already benefited 50 families. In 2019, communities of Askeran Region will also be able to use solar energy for their homes.

The funds raised during the Telethon 2018 will also be used for development of infrastructures in Armenia’s communities, thus helping create new jobs.