Start Start date: August 01, 2009
End End date: June 01, 2010
Status Status: Ongoing


Spitak town is located in the Lori region of Armenia. This region is situated in the north of the country and comprises of former Tumanian, Tashir, Stepanavan, Gugark and Spitak districts. The region occupies 3,700 km2 (around 12.5%) of the territory of Armenia. There are eight urban and 105 rural communities in the province. The total population of the region is 391,000 people , out of which Spitak town has 16 980 inhabitants.

The Spitak secondary school # 2 was established in 1940. However, the 1988 devastating earthquake has almost completely destroyed the town, including the old school building. In 2000, with the funding provided by the Armenian community of France, Hayastan All Armenian Fund completed construction of the educational block of the school designed for about 300 schoolchildren. Later, the second block of the school was constructed as well. The French local committee has also funded the furnishing project of the school in 2005 with the funding provided by the “Hope for Armenia” organization.

Currently, 570 schoolchildren attend the school. The school building is in a relatively good condition thanks to the high quality construction works as well as the diligent maintenance work of the school staff. However, the school still lacked a sports facility. The lack of adequate physical education classes hindered the normal organization of an adequate schooling process for the students of the school, basically leaving out the sports from the curriculum.

To solve this issue, Hayastan All Armenian Fund has initiated construction of a sports facility near the school premises, including the gym, the locker rooms and restrooms. The project is now complete. The newly constructed facility has been provided with a wide spectrum of sports equipment. As a result, the students of Spitak School # 2 now have the possibility of exercising in a modern and comfortable facility, which is already being regarded as the top sports facility in Spitak.

Benefactor: Organization “Huys Hayastanin”