Location November 22, 2018
Location Los Angeles
Hayastan All-Armenian Fund's annual Telethon was held in Los Angeles. The nationwide fundraising event with the slogan “Create Together” started at 22:00 Yerevan time, lasting 12 hours. The 21st Telethon has been broadcast live on local TV channels. In total, 11 million 109 thousand 633 USD has been raised. This is a preliminary data. The sum collected in Armenia and Russia is not included.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan donated 1.5 million AMD to the Fund's Yerevan office. 1 million AMD was donated from the Prime Minister's Fund, and 500,000 AMD Pashinyan donated on his own behalf.

President Sargsyan has donated half of his annual salary to the Telethon 2018.

Artur Vanetsyan also donated his monthly salary on his own behalf and 9,527,400 on behalf of SNS employees.

During the Telethon at midnight, the Mayor of the city Hayk Marutyan visited the Fund’s Yerevan office and did his civic duty - participated in the Telethon.

Below we present the list of several major donors of the Telethon 2018.

Anonymous benefactor- 2.5 million USD

Iranian-Armenian benefactors Henrik And Adrine Ter-Ghukasyan- 1 million 340 thousand USD for Mataghis-Talish highway reconstruction

American-Armenian philanthropist Andranik Baghdasaryan-1 million USD for Getavan school reconstruction

American-Armenian philanthropist Albert Boyajian- 1 million USD

Armenians in Artsakh- 1 million USD

Armenian community in Iran- 100 thousand USD

The Armenian Diocese of Egypt, Cairo's National Prelacy – 10 thousand USD

Gevik and Piter Baghdasaryan and friends-61 thousand USD

Owners of "Grand" Holding Karen and Michael Vardanyans- 60 million AMD for reconstruction of Dilijan-Ijevan road of state importance. In addition, the area surrounding Artsakh’s newly built St. Hovan church will be improved.

“Alex Holding”- 200 thousand USD

Earlier, the Fund’s affiliates in Latin America, North America and Europe held traditional phonethons.

Brazilian local body collected 30,000 USD.
“Armenia Fund” Toronto has collected 1 million 300 thousand Canadian dollars (1 million US dollars) during the charity dinner this year.
The Pan-European Phonethon of the Fund was held on November 14-18. The Armenians of Europe have raised 1 million 242 thousand 460 Euros in total.
The donations were summarized as the final result of the "Telethon -2018".

Thanks to Hayastan All-Armenian Fund 21st Telethon the implementation of the two important projects in Artsakh that launched with the help of last year “Fruitful Artsakh” Telethon will go on.

The first project is deep water wells drilling and drainage system which are of vital importance for the rehabilitation of Artsakh agriculture. About 200 hectares of Martuni and Askeran regions will become irrigated, the water will reach Artsakh's grapes, wheat fields, orchards. 13 deep wells have already been drilled for this purpose. Construction of pumping stations on the wells is in progress.

The second direction of the Telethon is to use solar energy in Artsakh. We started the Project from Shushi region. The pilot was Karintak community, where 50 households use alternative energy. In 2019 solar energy will also be used in Askeran region’s settlements.

Besides the projects which will be implemented in Artsakh, the funds donated during the Telethon -2018 will be directed to the communities infrastructures of Armenia that will create job places.