Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s annual fundraising has already secured $14.115.940 in donations and pledges
Posted on December 14, 2018

Today, Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Executive Director Haykak Arshamyan’s press-conference took place in Komitas Museum-Institute. The Executive Director presented the results of the pan-Armenian fundraising and detailed the upcoming projects.

After the Telethon 2018, which took place in Los-Angeles on November 22 and secured $11,109,633 in donations and pledges, the Fund continued to receive donations at its further fundraising events. The annual Telethon concluded the donations received during fundraising campaigns in different countries preceding the major fundraising. The Fund’s Brazilian affiliate raised $50,000, the Hayastan Foundation Toronto gala secured $1 million. The pan-European Phoneathon raised $1,502,000 in total.

In December, the Lebanese affiliate conducted a radiothon, which raised $87,750. The Argentinean-Armenians contributed $250,000 at the affiliate’s charity dinner; the Armenian community of Australia donated $7000.

Concluding these results and adding the donations received from Armenia, Artsakh, and Russia, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund registered $14.115.940 in donations and pledges.

The Thanksgiving Telethon was marked by visits of the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, President Armen Sarkissian, Head of the National Security Service Artur Vanetsyan, and Yerevan Mayor Haik Marutyan to the Fund’s Yerevan office. The Prime-Minister donated 1,5 million AMD, one million from the Prime Minister's fund and half a million from his own resources. President Armen Sarkissian contributed his six months’ salary to the Telethon. Artur Vanetsyan made a donation of 9,527,400 AMD, a contribution from the National Security Service employees, and his one month salary on his own behalf.

This year’s telethon was also remarkable by the number of donors. A 20 percent increase of calls over last year was registered in USA. In Armenia, we have received three times as many sms donations as last year, and 170 online donations against the last year’s 17. It is worth to mention, that we are going to conduct various campaigns during the year to involve more donors.

Below, you can find the names of the major donors of the Telethon 2018.

Anonymous donor - $2,3 million;

Iranian-Armenian benefactors Henrik and Adrine Der-Ghukasian – 1,340,000 for the construction of Mataghis-Talish road;

American-Armenian benefactor Antranig Baghdassarian - $1 million for the renovation of Getavan School in Artsakh;

American-Armenian benefactor Albert Boyajian -$1 million;

Artsakh – $700,000;

Armenian community of Iran -$100,000;

Armenian Diocese of Egypt, Prelacy of Cairo -$10,000

Gevik and Peter Baghdasarians and friends- $61,000

The goal of the Telethon 2018

Proceeds from the Telethon 2018 will benefit two vital projects in Artsakh started through contributions of the previous year’s Fruitful Artsakh Telethon. The first initiative of the Telethon is the drilling of deep-water wells and the construction of drip-irrigation networks, which will make it possible to irrigate additional 200 hectares of lands in Artsakh’s Martuni and Askeran regions. To date, 13 deep-water wells have been drilled; currently construction of pump stations is underway.

The second direction of the telethon is the installation of solar-power systems in Artsakh. The pilot project launched in Shushi Region’s Karin Tak community has already benefited 50 families. In 2019, communities of Askeran Region will also be able to use solar energy for their homes.

The funds raised during the Telethon 2018 will be also used for development of infrastructures in Armenia’s communities, as well as for development of infrastructures in Armenia.

In particular, a portion of the 60 million AMD donated by Karen and Mikael Vardanyans, owners of Grand Holding, will be used for renovation of Dilijan-Ijevan interstate road. We have already an arrangement for provision of more 170 families in Tavush Region with solar power. With support of Microsoft company, all schools in Armenia will be ensured with necessary software; a robotics lab will be established in one of the Gyumri schools; a program will be established for financing of startups in information sphere.

The housing project Gyumri without domiks will be continued. The project has already provided 41 families with renovated and fully furnished apartments, featuring a complement of modern amenities, including home appliances. By the end of this year, one more family in Gyumri will receive a new home. Currently, we are discussing a new format, which will promote the effectiveness of the project and help involve more beneficiaries in it.

Haykak Arshamyan mentioned also that the Fund is receiving applications for the 2018 President Prize and expressed hope that a large number of applicants will participate in the contest this year. Regarding the Fund’s activities, Arshamyan informed that new management systems will be established to make the work of the Fund more effective and transparent.