Start Start date: March 01, 2017
End End date: July 01, 2018
Status Status: Ongoing


Qrasni village is situated in Askeran region. The distance from the regional administrative center is 23km, and the distance from Stepanakert – 9 km. The community is mountainous and has 1089.96 hectares area. The branch of the river Karkar is passing across Qrasni community border. The total population of the village is 243. The main occupation of the residents is agriculture and cattle breeding.

The village has a school with 30 students currently attending. The school building was built in 2005. A critical issue for the village is the absence of an adequate pre-school facility in spite of 16 children of pre-school age. The health care point is located in the newly built school building. Another critical issue for the village is the internal water distribution network, which is also in poor condition, that’s why the water doesn’t normally supply to Qrasni village. Currently, the municipality building is in a fully dilapidated condition, so the village has an urgent need for a new community center.

Hayastan All Armenian Fund has built a new, multi-functional community center in Qrasni village of Askeran region. The community center is a two-story multifunctional building, which includes community administration offices, an events hall, a library, a computer lab and a health care point with a separate entrance. The building also has a foyer, sanitary units as well as auxiliary facilities. The community center is fully furnished, and provided with computers. Heating and ventilation systems are also installed.

Community centers are of vital importance to the ongoing social and economic development of rural areas in Armenia and Artsakh. They help streamline public services, foster a more dynamic civic life, and, ultimately, provide residents with one more compelling reason to continue living and working in their hometowns.
Qrasni community center effectively tackles a number of long-standing issues for the village making the life of the residents of the community that much easier and more comfortable.

Donor (s) - Armenia Fund, Inc; Hakob Baghdasaryan; NKR Government