Sponsored by: Hayastan Foundation Toronto (Independent Charitable Organization), Government of Artsakh
Start Start date: March 01, 2017
End End date: November 05, 2018
Status Status: Ongoing

Ukhtasar village is situated in Askeran region of Nagorno-Karabakh. The village is to the East of Askeran town and neighbors Nakhjevanik village. The distance from regional administrative center is 11km, from Stepanakert - 3km. The number of residents of the village is 285, including 37 schoolchildren and 3 children of pre-school age. The village has a medical center and a newly built municipality. The village has an area of 90 hectares. The population is mainly engaged in agriculture and cattle breading. Problem The village school is located in a four room apartment in a residential building. 2 metal containers are placed next to the building where the classrooms are. In winter, the containers become too cold to conduct classes in. There is no kindergarten in the village.


Hayastan All Armenian Fund is set to undertake the solution to the school problem in the village. Solution Hayastan All-Armenian Fund started the construction of a new school in Ukhtasar village. The school is designed for a maximum of 80 students and is a one story building. The school will also have a ground floor, which can also be used as additional classroom area. The first floor will have 10 classrooms, teachers' room and sanitary units. On the ground floor will be the gym and dressing rooms, the arts and crafts room, health care point and the faculty room. The total area of the school and the surroundings is 3880 m2. The building area occupies 421m2 with a 12.94m2 porch. The entire area around the school will be landscaped. The school will have iron gates and fences. The external area will also include a sports ground, a boiler room, water storage, awning, sewage well. The new school building will give children an opportunity to get education in modern and dignified conditions.