Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund - France, Government of Artsakh
Start Start date: August 01, 2016
End End date: November 01, 2017
Status Status: Ongoing



Taghaser village is situated in Hadrut region. The village is situated 1 km away from the regional administrative center Hadrut, and 74 km from Stepanakert. The population of the village is 512. 80% of the youth served in the army. The majority of the population works in state institutions. Taghaser has a school with 64 students currently attending. The school is in poor condition. Another critical issue for the village is the absence of an adequate pre-school facility in spite of 63 children of pre-school age. The health care point is in a fully dilapidated condition. The internal network of water supply system is also in poor condition, that’s why the water doesn’t normally supply to Taghaser village. Currently the municipality is located in a slum, which is in emergency situation, so the village needs to have a new community center.


Hayastan All Armenian Fund is building a new, multi-functional community center in Taghaser village of Hadrut region. The community center will be a two-story multifunctional building, which will include community administration offices, an events hall, a library, a computer lab and a health care point with a separate entrance. The building will also have a foyer, sanitary units as well as auxiliary facilities. The community center will be fully furnished and provided with computers. Heating and ventilation systems will also be installed. The construction of the Taghaser community center will effectively tackle a number of long-standing issues for the village making the life of the residents of the community much easier and more comfortable.