Sponsored by: Government of Artsakh, Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Argentina
Start Start date: February 01, 2016
End End date: April 01, 2017
Status Status: Ongoing


Noragyugh village is situated in Askeran region. It is the largest community in the region and is situated 6km away from the regional center town of Askeran. The community was founded in 1966, the population of the village is 1521. Farming is the main occupation for the people of Noraghyugh.
Noragyugh has a newly built school with 214 students currently attending. The village has municipality, health care point, as well as good in-community roads. One of the urgent issues for the community was the problem of potable water. There was no internal distribution network and the people had to get water from the six springs situated in different districts of the village. In 2011, Hayastan All Armenian Fund’s project effectively solved this problem by initiating the construction of Noragyugh village potable water network.


Another critical issue for the village was the absence of an adequate pre-school facility in spite of many children of pre-school age.


Hayastan All Armenian Fund solved this issue by building a new kindergarten for Noragyugh village.
The new kindergarten is a two storey building designed to accommodate up to 90 children. The first floor incorporates the recreation rooms, the bedrooms, dressing rooms as well as sanitary units, a cafeteria, the washing room and storage areas. Recreation rooms and bedrooms are on the second floor. It also includes sanitary units, the principal’s office, physical education room and games room. Within the project, the area around the new kindergarten is also upgraded.

Donor(s)- Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Jose Tahta, Argentina; NKR Government