Sponsored by: Government of Artsakh, Armenia Fund, Inc
Start Start date: September 01, 2015
End End date: October 03, 2018
Status Status: Ongoing

Stepanakert N9 school after Hovhannes Tumanyan was built in 1974. Currently, around 320 student are attending the school. The district where the school is located is mostly populated by refugees displaced from Sumgait in 1988.


In the early 90s, the school was damaged during Azeri bombardment. Then, partial repairs were made to rebuild the caused damage. The school consists of two two-storey and one three-story buildings. The school facilities also incorporate pre-school groups, which, preferably need to be provided with auxiliary premises, as well as to increase the number of classrooms for physically challenged children. The school also needs a new boiler room.



Within the project sponsored by Hayastan All Armenian Fund USA Western region affiliate and benefactor Jerry Turpanjian, the school is completely reconstructed. Concrete reinforcement of floors, internal and external walls are carried out. New doors and windows are installed. The staircases are rebuilt and the roofing is replaced with metal tiles. The school is equipped with a new boiler room, heating, water supply, sewerage and ventilation systems.

The project also includes the rebuilding and upgrade of the workshops, lab classrooms, the kitchen block and the health care point. Seismic resilience is also improved.

All engineering networks, including electrical wiring are replaced. The surrounding area is improve and a new playground is built.

donor (s)/sponsors(s) Armenia Fund, Inc., Jerry Turpanjian, NKR