Start Start date: October 01, 2015
End End date: May 01, 2017
Status Status: Ongoing


Currently, there are 244 families with five and 984 families with six children living in Artsakh. These families are mostly based in the rural communities of the country. A total of 6177 children receive monthly social support from the Government of NKR.


Nowadays 221 families from 466 who have 5 and more children are living in difficult social conditions.
While there is financial assistance to these families as well as their children from the Government, it does not allow tackling the core housing problem faced by many households. Living in the distant villages of Artsakh, a considerable percentage of the families are deprived of owning their own house and often live in small shelters shared with other families. The lack of adequate housing poses a whole range of problems starting from public health issues to unavailability of basic amenities.


Taking into account the existing issues as well as the importance of supporting large households, Hayastan All Armenian Fund has launched a housing project aimed at reaching out and helping the families with five or more children. The proceeds from Telethon 2015 will be aimed at solving this issue for the most needy families of Artsakh.

Currently, the construction works on the new houses is underway and, shortly, 21 families from different regions of Artsakh (two from Hadrut, five from Martuni, five from Martakert, three from Qashatagh, four from Shahumyan, two from Askeran) will move into their new homes.

The houses will be single-storey buildings with an area of about 100 square meters and 1000 square meters of enclosing outdoor area. Each house will have a living room, three bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen, the corridor and the bathroom floors will be tiled, the bedrooms and the living room will have parquet flooring.

The buildings will be provided with water, sewage and electrical systems.
The roofs will be covered with metal tiles. The project also includes area upgrade and the fencing of the yard.