Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund - France, Government of Artsakh
Start Start date: July 01, 2015
End End date: November 01, 2016
Status Status: Ongoing


Kochoghot village is situated 40km away from the regional administrative center Martakert. The territory of the village is 1599 hectares. The population of the village is 357. The main occupation of the population is cattle breeding and horticulture. The village has a school with 92 students currently attending. There is a newly built maternity center in the village. Kochoghut has no kindergarten and municipality, and the event hall needs to be fully rebuilt. To address some of the core issues of the village, Hayastan All Armenian Fund is building a community center in Kochoghot village. The community center is a two-story multifunctional building, which includes the municipality, an events hall, the library, the computer lab, the dispensary, foyer, as well as sanitary units. The community center will be furnished -heating and ventilation systems will also be installed to ensure the normal functioning of the facility. Community centers are of vital importance to the ongoing social and economic development of rural areas in Armenia and Artsakh. They help streamline public services, foster a more dynamic civic life, and, ultimately, provide residents with one more compelling reason to continue living and working in their hometowns. The construction of the Kochoghot community center addresses a number of longstanding issues, for instance relieving key public institutions from having to operate in unsuitable quarters.