Sponsored by: Armenia Fund USA, Government of Artsakh
Start Start date: November 01, 2010
End End date: May 01, 2013
Status Status: Ongoing


Martuni is one of the eight regions of Artsakh. The territory of the region is 951km2.The population of the region is 23,157 and the regional center is the town of Martuni.
The Martuni town central hospital was built in 1965. The hospital is currently located in a two storey building, which has never been fundamentally reconstructed. The hospital includes the polyclinic, laboratory, surgery, ophthalmology, administrative, emergency, therapeutic, gynecology and maternity departments. The current hospital building has no basement. The lack of extensive repair works and insufficient maintenance has resulted in considerable dilapidation of the facility of the hospital.
Annually, the hospital serves the needs of 1200 patients and 18000 outpatients. The hospital staff consists of 107 doctors and support staff.


Taking into consideration the fully dilapidated condition of the present building, the Hayastan All Armenian Fund launched project will see the construction of a new, modern building for Martuni central hospital which will meet all the criteria for an efficient health care institution.


The new building will be a two storey structure and will also include a basement, which will house storage facilities. The first floor will be comprised of the administrative department, diagnostics department, polyclinic, emergency room as well as an infectious disease department. The second floor will include surgery, therapeutic and gynecology departments. The new building will have a boiler house, a power substation and a heating system. The surrounding area will undergo landscaping and the hospital access road will be leveled and asphalted.