Sponsored by: , All Armenians
Start Start date: July 01, 2000
End End date: November 01, 2009
Status Status: Ongoing


Construction of the North-South highway started in 2000. Passing through 5 regions of Nagorno-Karabakh it joins with Goris-Stepanakert highway near Stepanakert. The highway passes through over 20 communities and comes close to 100 villages from Martakert to Hadrout. The 160,3 km (about 105 miles) long highway is providing local road network and link with Armenia. The North-South highway, considered as “backbone of Artsakh”, will further the economic growth of Artsakh, as well as the political and cultural development.

Soviet time tortuous roads were passing through territory of Armenia and Azerbaijan thus keeping Artsakh in economic dependence from Azerbaijan. Today, the North-South highway is of significant strategic importance.
Thanks to the road now people take their agricultural product to market, school children easily go to school to the neighboring village. The highway provides an important transport connection among the communities and creates prerequisites for tourism development.

With support of Hayastan All Armenian Fund local committees and affiliates the 138.8 km section of the road has been constructed, which is of vital importance.

• Stepanakert-Hadrout 66.3 km long section
• Stepanakert-Martakert 72.5 km long section

In total, Hayastan All Armenian Fund has spent over U.S. $28.5 million for the construction of the highway.

The section of 21,865 km length is drivable. The NKR Government has undertaken to finish the construction.

Sponsors: Hayastan All Armenian Fund’s all Affiliates