Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Australia
Start Start date: May 01, 2005
Status Status: Ongoing


The Novoselcovo community was established in 1913. It is located 5 km far from the interstate Armenia-Georgia highway. The village surroundings are rich in water resources, from which many neighboring communities benefit – the water supply of administrative center of the Lori province is organized from the springs located near Novoseltsovo. However, this village has no internal distribution network for drinking water.

There is a good spring 250m from the village with a water outflow of 7 l/sec. A few pumps must be installed in the pump station near the spring to send the water to the reservoir by d=100mm pipes.

Under the project the following activities should be carried out:
 Construction of the 250 m water main;
 Construction of the internal distribution network with length 2km and d=50mm;
 Repair of pumping station;
 Repair of the 80m3 daily reservoir
Donor: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, Australia Branch