Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Lebanon
Start Start date: September 01, 2007
End End date: March 01, 2008
Status Status: Ongoing


Community of Madaghis is situated in the Mardakert region of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. During the national liberation struggle, Madaghis community has been several times occupied and almost completely ruined by the enemy. As a result many social and productive infrastructures were destroyed; schools and other educational establishments are not exclusions. At the same time low income level and total poverty did not allow for allocation of financial resources for the necessary rehabilitations. As a result the quality of pre-school education suffered a lot.

Currently the village is being gradually reconstructed. Recently, with the financial support of Hayastan Foundation Canada Inc. Toronto, Canada, new modern school building was opened in the community. After that the former school premises were given to the community’s kindergarten. However the physical condition of this premises are not satisfactory and needs reconstruction.

Within this project the former school building was removed to serve as the community kindergarden. In particular, the roof of the building was reconstructed; doors and windows replaced and floors repaired. Additionally the staircases were renovated. Also, the interior decoration works were carried out and the external site improvement was done.

Finally new furniture was provided to the kindergarten.
Sponsor: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, Lebanon Committee

Project Start: September 2007
Project End: March 2008