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Ukhtasar village is situated in Askeran region of Nagorno-Karabakh. The village is to the East of Askeran town and neighbors Nakhjevanik village. The distance from regional administrative center is 11km, from Stepanakert - 3km. The number of residents of the village is 285, including 37 schoolchildren and 3 children of pre-school age. The village has a medical center and a newly built municipality. The village has an area of 90 hectares. The population is mainly engaged in agriculture and cattle breading. [b]Problem[/b] The village school is located in a four room apartment in a residential building. 2 metal containers are placed next to the building where the classrooms are. In winter, the containers become too cold to conduct classes in. There is no kindergarten in the village.
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Stepanakert N9 school after Hovhannes Tumanyan was built in 1974. Currently, around 320 student are attending the school. The district where the school is located is mostly populated by refugees displaced from Sumgait in 1988. Problem In the early 90s, the school was damaged during Azeri bombardment. Then, partial repairs were made to rebuild the caused damage. The school consists of two two-storey and one three-story buildings. The school facilities also incorporate pre-school groups, which, preferably need to be provided with auxiliary premises, as well as to increase the number of classrooms for physically challenged children. The school also needs a new boiler room. Solution
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Since 2007, thanks to the projects implemented by the Fund and with about 1.5mln USD invested by Ekserciyan family, the 412 residents of Ditavan village now have a natural gas network, drinking and irrigation water networks (the irrigation channel is constructed with French-Armenian sponsorship), a new school, a reconstructed community center and over two dozen greenhouses. The beneficiary family also supports newlyweds and newborns, as well as fosters agricultural development initiatives. As a gratitude, the central street, the school and the square are named in honor of Ekserciyan family, who are also honorable citizens of Ditavan.
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