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The Nork Childrens Home Has a New Roof
The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund completed the reconstruction of the roof of the Yerevan Childrens Home. The renovation of the 1191 sq. m roof was sponsored by the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Australia affiliate with a 13 million AMD donation.

Artsakh Rebirth: Construction of the Hadrut Hospital, Schools, Gas and Water Pipelines Started
Starting from 2007, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund has been implementing large-scale projects in Hadrut region of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic.

Armenia Fund Participates in World Affairs Councils Global Philanthropy Forum
Armenia Fund U.S. Western Region was represented at the World Affairs Councils 6th Annual Global Philanthropy Forum held at the headquarters of Google in the Silicon Valley. The three day conference, held from April 11-13, 2007, attracted more than 450 representatives of national and international NGOs and organizations that have programs designed to end rural poverty and global warming in different corners of the world

Artsakh Rebirth: 3 New Schools and a Renovated Kindergarten for Martakert region
Recently the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund completed 2 projects in Martakert. Now the village of Madaghis has a new school and Haterk has a renovated kindergarten. By September 2007, school construction in villages of Kochoghot and Verin Horatagh will be completed too.

3 Furnished Classrooms in Yerevan Secondary School N29
Thanks to the donation of 4000 Euros by the Stambul-based Armenian benefactor and efforts of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Executive Board, furniture in 3 classrooms was renewed in the Yerevan school N29 after Movses Arazi.

12 furnished classrooms in 6 schools in Artik
Hayastan All Armenian Fund furnished 12 classrooms in 6 schools in Artik as part of the project called Lets give them a classroom (Donons-leur un classe), which was initiated by the Funds French affiliate in 2004. Furnishing activities of the Artik city have been supported by the Vaulx en Velin municipality in France

Thank You for the Walkers
In March 2007, the two-wheel walkers donated by the USA East Coast Affiliate of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund were handed over to medical institutions, military hospitals, and elderly homes in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. The above-mentioned institutions thank the Executive Board of the Fund for this humanitarian initiative.

Outreach to the Archut School Continues
The working group of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund delivered sport facilities and other necessary accessories worth 4000 Euros to the Archut secondary school on April 12, this year. The project has been financed by the Funds Local Committee of France.

The Archut Village is Gaining its Footing
With support of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, the Archut community of Lori Marz is gaining its footing. A few days ago, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia and within the Archut Agricultural Development Project, the Hayastan Fund donated a wheeled tractor of SAME-603 and other agricultural facilities to the community of Archut

Water Supply for Martakert
The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund brought daily water to more than 600 inhabitants of the frontier Vaghuhas Village of the Martakert Region.

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