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NEWS Press Releases Karin Tak Village has a New Kindergarten
Karin Tak Village has a New Kindergarten
Under a gray rock in Shushi region of Artsakh lays down Karin Tak village. People of Karin Tak say that even the whole village is called after the rock – “qar”, it did not protect the village back in 1990s during clashes between Artsakhians and Azerbaijanis.

A new kindergarten was opened in Karin Tak on July 10. The construction of the kindergarten has been co-sponsored by the Devejian, Ekserciyan and Simsiroglu families of Argentina, the Greek-Armenian and the Cypriot-Armenian communities, and the government of Artsakh. The kindergarten is designed to accommodate up to 50 children. In the autumn of 2017, the campus will open its doors to the community’s 42 kindergarteners.

The kindergarten’s opening ceremony was made all the more jubilant by the presence of benefactors Nshan Devejian, Krikor Simsiroglu, and Boghos Ekserciyan, who are currently visiting the homeland to participate in the unveilings of development projects they have sponsored.
The kindergarten is the fourth major community-development project to be implemented by Hayastan All-Armenian Fund in Karin Tak. In recent years, Fund has built Karin Tak’s multifunctional community center and new potable-water network, and completely renovated the local school gym.

Other News:

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On November 21 an elegant and intimate dinner reception took place at the home of Mr. Andreas Roubian, in Saddle River, New Jersey.

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