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23 local committees and independent organizations with which Hayastan All Armenian Fund cooperates

The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund implements its projects through a global network of 23 affiliates and independent organizations, which operate in the United States (Los Angeles and New York), Canada (Toronto and Montreal), France, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil, Lebanon, Argentina (Buenos Aires and Cordoba), Greece, Cyprus, Uruguay, Romania, Russian Federation, Iran and Italy. The mentioned last 10 affiliates have been opened in 2009-2012 years.

The local affiliates closely cooperate with representatives of church, non-governmental and charity organizations operating in their communities, as well as with Diaspora donors and dignitaries. The Fund’s Yerevan based Executive Board and affiliates are reportable to the Board of Trustees.
Chairman: Ms. Armineh Carapeti
Address: Armenian Vicarage, Iverna Gardens, Kensington, London W8 6TP, United Kingdom
Phone: (44208)993.22.66
Fax: -
URL: -
The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Local Committee in Great Britain (HAAF GB) was established in 1992. It now consists of 10 members:

* Armineh Carapeti, Chairperson
* Vernon Hovsepian, Vice Chairman
* Hratch Tokatlian
* Rev. Shnork Baghdassarian
* Vicken Couligian
* Dr. Melina Carapeti-Marootian
* Anahid Kazarians
* Steve Mouradian
* Simon Haroutunian
* Richard Anooshian

The HAAF GB’s Ladies Auxiliary Committee was also established in 1992.

Ten thousand Armenians, around 2500 families, reside in Great Britain, mainly in London and Manchester. Three Apostolic churches, namely, St. Yeghishe and St. Sarkis in London and The Holy Trinity Church in Manchester are active in the community. The "Gevork Tahta" Sunday School and "Armenian Classes" Saturday School are available to the community for Armenian language tuition. Around 15 religious, charitable, cultural, sports, youth and political organizations are also active in the community.

The HAAF GB sends National Giving appeals twice yearly, in January and August, to the Armenian community in GB. These appeals summarize the report of the Hayastan Fund Executive Board, as well as the fund-raising activities of the HAAF GB Local Committee. The latter organizes fund-raising charity events such as dinners, trips to Armenia and Artsakh, concerts, and various song and dance recitals to celebrate Armenian Independence Day. They also publish a bi-lingual calendar summarizing all projects of the Fund and containing recent images of architecture and nature from Armenia and Artsakh.

It is the duty of all Armenians throughout the world to support without any reservation the reconstruction projects of the Homeland. Indeed, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund was founded for this very purpose. It is the responsibility of the local committees to disseminate the idea of national giving among the Armenian communities so that every Armenian takes part in this large organization giving their moral and financial assistance in the development of our Homeland. The local committee of Great Britain has succeeded in this mission by involving 50% of its community.
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